The INDAR ISM ML Series is composed of submersible, water-filled motors designed for driving submersible pumps in a wide range of submerged applications.

The ML submersible range consists of  three phase, asynchronous motors with squirrel cage rotors (or short-circuited rotors).  They are cooled and lubricated with water and directly connected to the hydraulic part.

They are custom-made and designs are adapted electrically, mechanically and thermally according to special requirements or types of service.  The different construction options offered by INDAR, together with the range of materials available, make the ML series a highly-versatile product which provides ideal submersible solutions to an infinite range of requirements.

Main safety devices

  • Pt-100 in windings and/or axial thrust bearing
  • Level sensors for inverted configurations
  • Pressure compensation or regulation systems using an external pressure compensator, header tank, etc.
Параметр Значение
Power: Up to 4000 kW (5400 HP)
Speed: From 485 rpm to 3500 rpm
Voltage: Up to 13800 V
Motor isolation: 90º C
Range of materials: Cast iron, stainless steel (304, 316, 904L, Duplex and Super Duplex)
Possible installations: Vertical in well, vertical with cooling jacket, horizontal in open well, horizontal in jacket, inclined, floating installation in open well, installed in series, installed in tandem
Protection level: IP-68
Work angle: From 0º to 90º with the horizontal (depending on model)
Supports: With water-lubricated friction bearings
Coupling: In-house design for INDAR, NEMA shaft end pumps and others
Design and Manufacturing Standards: IEC 60034, ISO 1940-1, ISO 13709 (API 610), IEC 60529, Directiva CE

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